The typical Hood or Cap designs can allow high percentages of smaller debris into the gutter by the debris following the water retention around the nose and into the gutter. Under high volume rains hood designs can allow water to over shoot the gutter. Screens have long been proven to separate solids from liquids & handle high volumes of water, yet typical screen designs can allow debris too pass through, build upon or clog.

Is an ingenious hybrid that accentuated the strengths of the traditional gutter protection designs while eliminating the inherent weaknesses. Premier Gutter GUARD has blended a superior patented design like no other.

“Not a Hood…Not a screen…The Best of Both”


  • Has a strong, low profile design
  • Utilizes rainwater to self-clean the guard
  • Patented self cleaning design
  • Optimally sized & louvered expanded metal section
  • Sheds large, medium &and a high percentage small debris
  • Allows for maximum water flow which Helps flush the gutter system
  • Unsurpassed in its versatility with roof and gutter styles
  • Ability too handle extreme seasons and debris
  • Strong-attractive powder coat finish
  • Custom color matching
  • Sleek design that blends with homes

The affordable price makes the Premier Gutter Guard –The smart choice!

Stop climbing that ladder every year! Or paying for multiple cleanings, over and over that add can up. Eliminate clogged downspouts that cause water damage to your home! Use the Premier Gutter Guard to solve these problems once and for all!